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Kretzschmaria deusta

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Kretzschmaria deusta Empty Kretzschmaria deusta

Mensaje por Carlos Galan Miér Oct 13, 2021 6:50 pm

Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.) P. M. D. Martin.

Europa, Francia, región de Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, departamento de Haute-Savoie, Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, 1014 metros sobre el nivel del mar. En un bosque mixto, sobre tocones muertos de Fagus sylvatica.
Coordenadas: 46°05'03.8"N 6°50'30.2"E.
Obs: CGB 16400.
Leg: Carlos Galan Boluda & Juan Carlos Zamora. Det: Juan Carlos Zamora.

Dominio: Eukaryota.
Reino: Fungi.
Filum: Ascomycota.
Clase: Sordariomycetes.
Orden: Xylariales.
Familia: Xylariaceae.
Género: Kretzschmaria.
Especie: Kretzschmaria deusta.

Asexual stage appearing in spring, spreading in patches 2–9 cm across, irregular in outline; surface dull gray and dusty; dust rubbing off easily to expose a brownish, bumpy surface; white and smooth along the margin; 1–2 mm thick; flesh tough, watery whitish to brownish, developing embedded black dots; with a thin black line just under the upper surface. Sexual stage appearing in summer, surface black, hard, bumpy, and lumpy, forming a crust over a cavity of whitish, powdery flesh that disintegrates to create a hollow structure. Odor not distinctive. Chemical reaction of the KOH on surface negative. Conidia 4–7.5 x 2–3 µm; subfusiform to elongated-lacrymoid; smooth; hyaline in KOH; produced on cylindric elements 25–45 x 2–4 µm. Spores 30–32 x 8–9 µm; fusiform; with a pale, longitudinal germ slit that does not extend to the ends of the spore; smooth; very dark brown to black in KOH.

It appears in all the Northern Hemisphere. Grows on wood of different tree species, especially the family Fagaceae. It is saprobic on the living or dead wood of hardwoods; causing a white rot. In spring it forms gray patches on the wood, usually at the base of the tree, just above the ground. By summer it turns into a hardened, black crust. The spring stage is asexual, producing conidia but not ascospores; while the summer stage is sexual and produces ascospores.

Text adapted from https://www.mushroomexpert.com.

Más información sobre esta especie en: https://taxateca.com/ordenxylariales.html

Kretzschmaria deusta Kretzschmaria_deusta
Carlos Galan
Carlos Galan

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